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elearn-academy.gr, an e-training project

Courses contain best practice models, information and educational tactics that give learners means to improve their knowledge, ability and skills they need in relation to their personal and professional development. All eLearning courses are written and edited by subject-matter experts and field scientists according to the course content. Lessons can be accessed via the LMS (Learning Management System) or the LMS trainee area itself, securely via the Internet. Each courseware and lesson is produced using a combination of text, related images, and customized courseware includes narration. After completing the course you have chosen, you will take a test on the new knowledge you have acquired and if you successfully pass, the automatic scoring system will issue and send you the Certificate of Completion of the specific training course.

Our trainees benefit from open access to an extensive class library. They can also choose to continue their training by combining other lessons that will lead them to a higher level. Our Promise for Updating – Customers who wish to renew courses that have been updated due to Standards and / or Legislative Changes may do so for free. To take advantage of this offer, you must prove the purchase of the particular course in the previous 12 months.

Why use eLearn-Academy.gr

It’s convenient. Watch an online lesson 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – from work, at home, on the road.


It is flexible. Start and stop whenever you want, turn back to review a point, take a run several times.


It is for individuals and groups. On-line training can be made available to any number of people – all in their own style and speed.


They are of high quality. Get the latest information from experts on topics that are also great instructors.