How do I find and choose the training program that interests me?

To find and select the training you want: Visit the web site https://elearn-academy.gr and select the E-LEARNING page, and click on the VIEW COURSES button to see all categories of interest or select the general categories under Business e-courses and Computer soft skills e-courses. When you open the program listings page, you can browse by setting parameters in areas 1 and 2 to find and choose from over 900 specialized training programs, your own course schedule or to combine programs to cover these specific needs for your improvement.

By finding the program or the programs you want, select them by clicking the icon in the word ADD TO CART.

How do I pay and when do I get access to my program?

Once you have completed your choices (a, b, c …), then you go to the next option that is the VIEW CART command that you will find at the same place as the previous one on the selected program icon. By selecting the VIEW CART command you will be moved to a secure environment where you need to register your details and make your payment. The information you declare will appear: your receipt, the right of access to the lessons and the certificate you receive after the successful completion of the program you have selected. Be careful that the system will not proceed unless you fill in all the data correctly. Once done, click PROCEED TO PAYPAL. Immediately the PAYPAL screen will open in which you will confirm and approve your payment.

As soon as your payment has been approved through the interbank system, you will see a message on your computer screen telling you that an email with proof of payment has been sent to you automatically via the system at your EMAIL address, and a second email that will include the user name and password to enter and follow your lessons on the LMS Learning Platform at www.eLearn-academy.gr

How is the LMS training platform introduced and how is it tracked?

To enter the LMS system open the main page https://elearn-academy.gr select E-LEARNING from the MENU in the top bar, then click on the LOGIN HERE button. With this option you will be transferred to the LMS platform base, here you need to enter the information that was sent to your EMAIL when you made your sign up. So, in the prompt to enter your details, type the user name and the password that you will receive in the email you entered in your registration.

Caution: Please enter your details carefully (there is a different treatment for the small and capital letters) and select Enter in the (Sign in) field. Since your information is valid, you will be entered on your personal page and specifically on the main management page. Otherwise you do not have access. Once you’ve entered, select by clicking on your program to open the first section, and then follow the progress commands. For more information you can download the PDF file of the instructions. If you fail to enter, please contact the system administrator’s secretariat at info@elear-academy.gr to find out why your insertion failed.

In which language is the training program tracked?

Business and Soft skills are available only in English.

When are the tests fixed and how do I see the final grade per lesson?

In the tests you submit through the training platform, closed-ended questions are automatically corrected by the system, while open-ended questions (upload text) are corrected by the responsible instructor within ten working days of the deadline for submitting the test.

What if I do not pass a test within the deadlines I have been given?

If you fail to submit a test within the deadlines announced to you by the scheduler’s timetable, you should contact by email in advance, via the training platform, with the class secretariat to request an extension for late submission. After the end of each lesson, it ceases to be educationally supported and your communication should be done with the Secretariat of the training platform.

How does the grade per lesson appear:

Failure to complete the 70% rate in a teaching module does not in itself cause failure in the lesson. The final grade of a course is based on the average of the grades of the modules that make up the lesson if the lesson has no final work. In the case of final work, the course score is usually 60% of the average of the grades of the modules that make up the lesson and by a percentage (usually) 40% of the score you received in the final exam course. Also, we should point out that no review is envisaged at the level of individual modules except at the level of lessons where you have not managed to get the minimum required success rate.