Coaching is now considered a new phenomenon. As field borrows from – and is based on theories related research from related fields such as psychology or philosophy. So the Coaching is an interdisciplinary, theory, composition and application of behavioral changes.

When Coaching entered “in the public arena,” he began to incorporate the accepted theories of behavioral change, as data base for this new aid relationship (Williams, 2004). However, in recent years, more and more research is done, and developed theories based on data, creating a body of knowledge and evidence demonstrating Coaching as an independent science (Stober and Grant, 2006).

In all kinds of “coaching” the substance is the same, namely, assistance to the “transfer” of a man (the Coachee) or a group of people, to meet a target of someone (the “Coach”) who has knowledge and experience in relation with this goal. In Coaching as “guidance” means the assistance and support of the course in the right direction, and not as imposing or providing strict directives.

Coaching and Psychotherapy: The Coaching neither is nor can substitute for psychotherapy. The Coaching is not therapy. Coaches are not dealing with issues from the past. By trauma affecting the personality or human life.

Not trying to solve: – mental pain – depression, – sexual disorders – or equivalent. All this and more are issues of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy focuses on issues in the past and present, while the Coaching on issues of the present and the future.